Mai Ram Yoga Retreats coming soon to Valencia, Spain

Book 6 Day Yoga Retreat in August-October 2019

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Welcome to Mai Ram Yoga Retreats in Spain

Creating a space for Yoga

We will be pleased to welcome you in Spain and be your hosts.  At the moment we are giving our energy into renovating and opening a place on the footsteps of Sierra Calderona Natural park. We love Spain, its climate, fresh food and the sunshine, but planning is challenging here. Yet we strive our best to open the Retreat Center in August 2019. 

Volunteer work and Donations are appreciated

We will be mostly grateful for your support in creating this space where people can practice yoga, learn, create and relax.

Mai Ram Yoga classes in Valencia

While we work on renovation, our Mai Ram Yoga teacher Savitri Ram, Milda gives classes in Valencia area. Please contact her to inquire about Mai Ram Yoga asana classes: 

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